She Means Business

By: Julie Bell, Office Manager/Project Coordinator, Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc.

Recently I had the privilege of listening to and gleaning from a panel of three business owners in Kern County, all who have one thing in common: their gender. All three are females who have spearheaded their businesses here in Kern for many years. As a young twenty-something, this is not abnormal for me to see or experience; women owning and running their own businesses. But I know it is unusual for many who grew up in a generation where women in the U.S. were considered of lesser-value, and treated as such. I won’t dive into that discussion, but it was a reality that dominated our American culture and still is an undercurrent in our society while influencing much of our world today.

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Fits and Starts: Central Valley Economy Beginning To Bounce Back

By: Julia Mitric, Capital Public Radio

The collapse of the housing market devastated cities like Stockton and Modesto. But the Central Valley’s agriculture industry weathered The Great Recession just fine. It even saw record growth, with one painful exception: dairy.

Fits Starts -Social“It was a bloodbath,” says Tom Barcellos, who owns T-Bar Dairy in Porterville.

“Some people who were on a rented place, all they had was equity on their cows," says Barcellos. "Those were the ones that hurt the worst...the ones that actually went out of business first. And unfortunately some hung on until they had nothing. Others saw it coming and sold out.”

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Strong prices bring consolidation to local oil fields

Story By: JOHN COX, Californian staff writer jcox @
Images By: Alex Horvath / The Californian

Two forms of consolidation -- ownership and geographical -- are subtly transforming Kern County's oil field services industry, and that may be a healthy sign for a line of work that has been an important if unreliable source of local jobs.

With the money and confidence that come from oil prices that have settled relatively high after the wild fluctuations of 2008, some large companies are merging and looking at buying smaller, more specialized outfits. Effects of that industrywide trend are being felt locally.

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